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Comic-Con Walkabout Schwag: GET YOUR SNAKE SWORD! Poke a pal, envenomate an in-law

Please do not attempt to injure yourself or another with any squishy Woof and Purr Walkabout Prizes, your sanity may be called into question. Kidding

Please do not attempt to injure yourself or another with any squishy Woof and Purr Walkabout Prizes, your sanity may be called into question. Kidding

Costume Hint: Dude, you are not my nemesis! My nemesis is Captain Hammer. 

For the Walkabout we are planning some carnival/arcade-style fun as a way to do Comic-Con and Veterinary type giveaways. We’ll be giving you a free shot (not those, we aren’t gettin ya tipsy or poking u with needles!) at the crane-claw prize machine and some of the prizes like:

Fairy star wands

Plush alligators

Inflatable light sabers (and snake swords! wha…?)

Bow and arrow sets (non-pokey variety)

Sonic blasters (sorry tired parents and drunk roomies, they’re obnoxious!)

Pet health care prizes



CERTAIN plushies (in the machine, come on people do not frisk furry neighbors for freebies unless invited) will have special prizes attached to them so try to win those & get




FREE DENTAL (this one’s kinda major & includes x-rays & testing – worth up to $600)

So come by & play the games, maybe win a prize for yourself or the kids and maybe even win healthcare-related gifts for you favorite 4-legged family members. Also, I’m sure we’ll have treats for pets and other bric-a-brac to entertain you if I can’t.



PS We’ll also prally be able to accomodate little needs but nothing big on the veterinary front – street work has it too dusty to do indoor thangs! We’ll be completely open soon. Thanks to everyone for the patience, the stop-by visits (always welcome) and the support – XO

INFECTIOUS DISEASE WATCH OK my first post was gonna to be on building the practice…buuuuut



NAH!!!! Gotta nerd out on Infectious Disease Interactives

So, those of you who know me may know I went to NCSU. It’s a rather well-respected vet school (despite my attendance 😉 and home to my FAVORITE infectious disease guru, Dr Edward Breitschwerdt. He’s a pretty big deal when it comes to emerging pathogens and not only helps pets (especially pitties – reverse shout out in a boo formation to Babesia gibsoni et al), but his cutting edge work is on the forefront of identifying really random and previously mind-blowing transmission routes, new infectious diseases and allowing some previous “syndromes” to be tagged (and maybe someday bagged, dear patient UR NOT JUST CRAZY or suffering from some psychosomatic “woman’s disease”).

Lately, as we are watching new diseases become a problem, discovering that old ones are rearin back up (note the polio once found in the Pacific in SD county not too long ago – citation lost in my noggin) or seeing the evolution of infections people are getting interested in infectious diseases as they haven’t since Pasteur or Salk. We bumble around trying to determine if we are bursting back into the wild and dragging viruses, fungi (not a really fun guy) or bacteria (yes yes and maybe prions, protozoans for sure) back home or if our impact is crunchin all we want and makin more new ones (bad English and snack food commericals, ur my heroes).

We struggle to get our testing and technology along with the plain old reliable ability to see something and say something (no ebola airport riots please ya 12 lil monkeys) up to speed & are finally making headway. Discovering new bugs or new routes of infection is empowering researchers & medical professionals to see what we are doing to impact the environment, showing us how to mitigate harm when we get on planes and drag camel diseases into cities (yes I’m talkin to you, MERS). Over time all this info will be helping to keep family (furred and otherwise) safer when we can pinpoint weak spots and ultimately perhaps may allow us to cure us of some disease some day. I ain’t stinkin Dr. Google but even real doctors can’t cure everything. Props to the researchers, the visionaries like the group at the Intracellular Pathogen Lab in North Carolina and even the freaker-outers because someone has to be having fevered dreams of mosquito eradication, right?

So, given that dear classmates of mine were diagnosed with shocking infectious diseases (Lyme in a person with no history of tick exposure who went from marathoner to MVP in the the Vet School Bites Grin-and-Bear-it-with-Grace Relay Race **shout out Dr G in the NC**) and my background was in virology, I still get overexcited with interactive maps and ProMedMail daily updates on infectious disease cases around the world, blah blah Nerdy Gerdy. You get it. So here’s some new maps I heard about today.

Panic yourself at your own risk! Remain calm and swirl in a tranquil vortex of impending creeping zombie flu with me if you dare (Todd and Laura – back away from the candy-colored conspiracy). First interactive map is totally live if a bit limited in scope and still some scary and enlightening stuff (OK u 2, I’m gonna approve it). Second one, like Woof and Purr Vet, is a bit of a work in progress but still gonna be RAD. Plus it’s called Worms and Germs and I love me some rhymin’

We will be around to philosophize on this stuff with you in the next week or 2. Special shout out to Amanda, my rockstar new employee I’m so tickled to have with me and one of my most favorite SP neighbors – thanks for joinin’ up. For all the kind and patient cheerleading neighbors and friends supporting us in the home stretch to opening this practice – THANK YOU for keeping our heads up!

XOX South Park and thanks for all the warm wishes

Dr Jayme Williams

Links – we shall meet again and next time you might not be so lucky. This round to you!